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    In 2003 Rafiek George;(better known as Journalist or Journ) parted ways with his label Motown/ Universal Records. In the years following, it became an obstacle to proceed with his career due to discontinuation of commercial support. Journ found himself back in the streets of South Philadelphia where his love for the hip hop craft began. It got dark fast. "Times got so crazy it was hard to maintain the everyday things such as food and shelter. Although it was some level of difficulty during those times, there was light in the end.
      "We are on a HardRout out here", Journ would always jokingly say with friends. This became what they represented! Surviving the struggle is what formed the HardRout movement.
       A childhood friend by the name of Elvis would periodically visit Journ and  would have recordings of Journ that he didnt even have in his own archive. Over time, Elvis and Journ would agree to start working together.
       In the early years of social media, coined  the "My Space" era; Elvis and Journ got up to 70,000 followers. With having the honor to grace the stage and/or recordings with some of the most talented artist in the music industry. Thousands of listeners would listen to exclusive music posted. This led to Elvis proving to control all operations and help gear future HardRout projects to come.

    Finding Talent

    HardRout is open and ready to hear all aspects of talent. We are not just limited to just music. If you act, sing, model, play an instrument etc, please fill out our contact form and someone will be in touch!

    What We Are About

    Since the beginning of HardRout in 2004 we have worked toward being the voice for living. Life, which insist of its Joys and its struggles. The HardRout foundation was built on these things and the idea of pushing through any obstacle in life. The "HardRout" is sometimes the only option for some walks of life, but we at HardRout represent that light at the end of that hardship. Whatever your hurdle may be, a career search, schooling, financial lacking, parenting, relationships, or just simply a rough patch in life. HardRout strives to be the the momentum for victory in those moments through music, film, technology, fashion, and Philanthropy. We want to lead all walks of life into victory and purpose God intended. "On the highway of life, at the fork in the road, taking the HardRout can be the most promising. 


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    We love meeting artists in every stage of their music careers. Reach out to see what we can do for you.